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Foxtail millet is the third largest crop among the millets, cultivated for food in semi-arid tropics of Asia. Foxtail or Italian millet may well have unrealized potential for grain production. It forms a slender, erect, leafy stem varying in height from 1-5 feet. Seeds are borne in a spike-like, compressed panicle resembling yellow foxtail, green foxtail, or giant foxtail. The grains are very similar to paddy rice in grain structure. It also grows well on loamy or alluvial and clayey soils. Foxtail rice grown in dharmapuri district the state of Tamilnadu. The maturity duration in foxtail millet varies from 60 to 100 days, but most of the popular varieties mature in 75-85 days.


  1. Manages diabetes
  2. Triggers weight loss
  3. Stronger bones
  4. Strengthens nervous systems
  5. Boosts cardiac health
  6. Helps improve immunity
  7. Potential uses of foxtail millets on hypertension
  8. Potential uses of foxtail millet in colorectal cancer
  9. Potential uses of foxtail millets for fungal infections
  10. Potential uses of foxtail millets in under nutrition


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  • Foxtail millets have a sweet and nutty flavour and are eaten as instant foods, ready-to-eat products, rice flour, etc.
  • Apart from the culinary uses, it is a farmer-friendly and health-friendly crop
  • Foxtail millets are a host of nutrients; let us learn more about the health benefits of adding foxtail millets to your dietary routine.1,2
  • Foxtail millets in improving the responsiveness of body cells to insulin, a hormone which manages blood glucose and exerts an anti-diabetic effect. This indicates that consuming foxtail millet may help manage diabetes.
  • Foxtail millet is gluten-free. Therefore, it helps in improving digestion, increases energy level and helps in maintaining cholesterol levels. These millets also help you in eliminating viruses and germs in body.
  • It has a low glycaemic index and is an excellent substitute for rice or other grains that can increase blood sugar.
  • Foxtail millet helps to regulate blood pressure, thus reducing the chances of blockage in heart that results in cardiac arrest or stroke. It also helps in reduction of LDL levels in the body.
  • Foxtail millet is rich in dietary fibre, protein, healthy micros (vitamin and minerals) and low in fat
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