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Mappillai Samba (Bridegroom Rice / Red Rice)

Mappillai Samba or the bridegroom rice is one of the native rice varieties of Tamil Nadu. Here’s the story behind the intriguing name. Once upon a time, somewhere, a bridegroom (Mappillai) was in search of a bride. He met this family who challenged him to lift a heavy stone to win the bride.

 The folklore has it that a specific rice variety was given to the bridegroom to increase his strength which helped him to lift the stone (Ilavattakal). Hence the name, Mappillai samba, is suggestive of its ability to provide stamina 

Upon cooking, Mappillai Samba grains exude a mesmerizing fragrance that will tantalize the senses. The cooked rice is fluffy and light, with a subtle sweetness that lingers on the palate.

Beyond its captivating aroma and flavor, Mappillai Samba is also prized for its nutritional value. Rich in fiber and essential minerals, this rice is a wholesome addition to any meal. The variety’s many nutrients and their benefits are enlisted here.

 Zinc – Improves Fertility

Zinc is one of the important minerals in improving male sperm count and sperm motility and is known to regulate female germ cell growth, fertility, and pregnancy. Mappillai Samba is enriched with zinc (2mg per 100 gm) and thus could be beneficial in improving fertility.

 Protein – Builds body

Nuts, soy, milk, and eggs are all good sources of protein but could be allergic in nature. Rice protein is hypoallergenic and Mappillai Samba is equipped with nearly 8% of protein.

Phenolic compounds – Healthy heart & Anti-cancerous:

The human body produces many free radicals (charged compounds) during normal metabolism. Accumulation of free radicals is harmful as they are destructive in nature. Phenolic compounds neutralize the charge of free radicals and thus prevent damage to blood vessels and cancerous growth. Mappillai Samba is high in phenolic compounds.

 Magnesium – Anti-Hypertensive

Harvard Medical School has published that magnesium intake from natural food is beneficiary than artificial supplements, in the control of Hypertension. What’s all the hype about Magnesium? It is known that constriction of the blood vessels leads to higher pressure of the blood that flows within. On the contrary, magnesium relaxes the blood vessels and hence the blood pressure comes down. Mappillai Samba has a higher magnesium content when compared to white rice.

 Anthocyanins – Anti-obesity & Anti cancer

Anthocyanins are present in the highest amount in Mappillai Samba when compared to other traditional rice varieties.

Obesity: Obesity and fatty food lead to insulin resistance. Insulin is required to reduce the sugar levels in the body. Accumulated sugar gets converted to fat and the cycle repeats. Anthocyanins regulate fat metabolism, increase sugar expenditure, and inhibit lipid absorption hence beneficial in obese individuals.

Cancer: Anthocyanins promote the tumor killer cell (CD8 T cells) infiltration into the cancer cells.

Iron – boosts hemoglobin

Mappillai Samba contains 6.9 mg of Iron per 100 mg thus beneficial during pregnancy as well as improves the hemoglobin levels of the blood in anemic patients.

Calcium – more than just stronger bones

It is no secret that calcium reinforces bone strength. The body needs calcium to move muscles and to carry messages between the brain and other parts of the body. Mappillai Samba contains 43.6mg of Calcium per 100 mg.

So if you’re seeking rice that tantalizes your taste buds, elevates your dining experience at the same time, and takes care of your health, look no further than Mappillai Samba. Indulge in its captivating fragrance and savor its delightful flavor, and let this exquisite rice transport you to a realm of culinary delight.



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Nutrition value:  Per 100 gms

Energy (kcal)312
Fat (g)2.53
Protein (g)9.53
Carbohydrate (g)74.23
Dietary fibre (g)0.48
Weight N/A

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