Thooyamalli Raw Rice


Experience the tradition and flavor of Thooyamalli Rice, a culinary gem from Tamil Nadu. Naturally farmed and rich in nutrients, it’s a healthy choice with a delightful aroma and a versatile profile that enhances a variety of dishes.

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Rice is the staple food of South India. There are many unexplored healthy variants of rice. Thooyamalli is one such traditional indigenious rice variety grown in TamilNadu. The name literally translates to pure jasmine (Thooya = pure, malli= jasmine). It is highly resistant to pest and disease thereby not requiring fertilizers and hence inherently organic.

Apart from the fragrance which makes it the go to choice for biriyani preparation, this variant of rice will become the most chosen if the health it bestows is brought to light.

Natural Antibiotic

According to World Health Organization (WHO), visceral leishmaniasis also known as Kala Azar, is fatal if untreated. It is transmitted by sandflies. Fever, weight loss, liver and spleen enlargement are the symptoms. The known treatment for this parasitic disease is the administration of the antibiotic, Paramomycin. The Thooyamalli rice was found to be naturally enriched with Paramomycin thus could be a hope for the prevention and control of this fatal disease.

Anti cancer:

It is a known fact that prolonged exposure to sunlight is a known cause of cancer. One of the reasons is that UV rays initiates a process known as lipid peroxidation which leads to the abnormal functioning of cells. Squalene is a pharmacological compound present in the Thooyamalli, is resistant to and prevents lipid peroxidation. The compound also exhibits anti inflammatory, immunostimulant and anti oxidant properties.

Digestion of Fats and prevention of Vitamin deficiency:

Glycocholic acid is a type of bile acid which helps in breaking down complex ingested fat globules into smaller and easily digestible molecules. In the absence of Glycocholic acid, fats are not absorbed and are passed in stools leading to greasy and smelly stools (Steatorrhea). Also, there will be a deficiency in the fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A,D,E and K. deficiency of these vitamins could lead to night blindness, rickets, fragile bones, poor reproductive health and tendency to bleed excessively. All of these conditions can be prevented by Thooyamalli as the Glycocholic acid is a natural content of this rice variety.

Anti anxiety & anti depressant:

Mental health issues are on the rise significantly. Individuals irrespective of age, gender are suffering anxiety depression and other mood disorders. Mental ill health is a result of dysregulation of neurosteroid production. Thooyamalli is enriched with Pregnenolone, the mother of steroid hormones. Pregnenolone is a neurosteroid which exerts anxiety and depression regulatory mechanisms.


In the wake of various traditional rice varieties, thooyamalli stands high with its high nutrient value as well as its significant health benefits. And when it comes to health, ‘Prevention is always better than cure’.


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